April 21, 2021

This GIF is my very first NFT…Looking forward to seeing what happens next! The original art is 2′ x 3′, oil on canvas and is also for sale. Email for price.

Holy Ghost

April 21, 2021

8′ x 5′ Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

New old work!

December 10, 2020

Happy global pandemic, day 20,000! I moved to Altadena right before lockdown and also moved my studio to the new garage space. Acclimating to a garage is challenging to say the least, but this year has brought unspeakable challenges for absolutely everyone. Since the majority of my time is spent on the computer, painting for TV animation, it’s not really a massive problem, but I sure miss pushing real paint around! Here’s a huge painting I started right before the big Quar’. WIP.

Craft Fairs!

August 24, 2019

Hi Friends!

I don’t know if anyone blogs anymore!

If so, here it goes!

I will be selling my concrete and resin wares at two craft fairs this year (I landed in hospital last year because I was over-working, so I’m only doing two)….

So….Come hang out with me!

I will be at Mount Washington Made on September 21 and Renegade on November 23 & 24. I would love to see your gorgeous faces and give you hugs! I will post more about these when it gets closer. X

Here are a couple of pics from past things:

Sister Inmate

April 3, 2018

I am volunteering with the Los Angeles-based non-profit Sister Inmate , that provides support to individuals affected by incarceration.

Here are some illustrations that will be posted on their site, as well as Instagram this month.

Thank you for all your great work, Sister Inmate!






MWM 2017

July 21, 2017

I Made a poster!


HOME, Season 1 Props

April 24, 2017

Got promoted to Background Designer on HOME a month or so ago! I can’t share any of that work, so here’s a few props/fx designs I’m allowed to share from Season 1 (on Netflix).

Mount Washington Made 2016

August 24, 2016

I made a poster!


Via Los Angeles

March 11, 2016

Daniela Hummel of Via Los Angeles came to the studio!

Check out her post on #LALOVERS blog…



December 22, 2015

Although this site has been up for a year now, it’s time for me to announce it on my neglected blog!

Love&Quarry is my line of concrete/resin jewelry and home decor.

Check out my “new” site!


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