Art Center Alumni Showcase!

Hi friends! I have 3 paintings in the Art Center Alumni Showcase! The reception is tonight from 7-10

80th Anniversary Illustration Showcase2

Here are some shots of the work and some accompanying text:

This painting is 3′ x 6′, oil on panel with a birch wood cut-out AK-47. It is titled Astronomia Platonica; “An Italian secret society for the purpose of dominating its decisions in the interests of national independence. It was divided into hemispheres, segments, first stars, rays, and lines under a mysterious leadership known as the Solar Circle. The whole thing collapsed because they couldn’t agree whether to oppose Napoleon Bonaparte”.  Those silly anarchists!

Astronomia Platonica; Detail

“Over Red Mountain”, 24″ x 18″, oil and acrylic on panel. It is mainly inspired by the film “The Holy Mountain”.

“The Great Molassacre”, 11 3/4″ x 18″, oil and acrylic on panel.  In the year 1919, an indescribably enormous storage tank filled with molasses burst and flooded part of Boston, killing several people. This was partially due to negligence, greed, the  impending “Prohibition”(molasses being a main ingredient for creating spirits), sweltering heat, etc.


One Response to “Art Center Alumni Showcase!”

  1. mike bertino Says:

    super good, but I gotta say these pics just don’t do em justice. they look so good in person!

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