Drawing for Levi

So, I freelanced for a couple of years with Levi…

(With permission) I’m posting some of my concept renderings for their window displays! (I removed all branding)althea_levi_boxes_woman

althea_levi_2louversalthea_levi_3louversalthea_levi_4cards1althea_levi_5cards2althea_levi_6monoliths1althea_levi_7forest2althea_levi_9loom1althea_levi_10looms_fabric_yarnalthea_levi_14folded_paper_montagealthea_levi_23l_leaves_dresses_1althea_levi_24lattice_leaves_dresses2althea_levi_26modular_boxes_inside_outalthea_levi_28modular_boxes1 althea_levi_pants_shoes


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